Friday, February 26, 2010

Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) Membership

According to (and as written in their ZIN booklet), ZIN is a “comprehensive system that generates income, and at the same time acts as a springboard for new choreography, job leads, innovative ideas, career tips, and different entrepreneurial opportunities. ZIN provides you with four building blocks to leverage the powerful Zumba brand and achieve success. Those four building blocks are: Community, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Continuing Education”

Are you wondering why many Zumba instructors choose to join ZIN membership?

First of all, you will pay anywhere from $225 to $285 (depending if you register as 'early bird' or later)for you first Zumba certification class. If you don’t join ZIN, your certification will expire within one year and you will no longer be allowed to teach Zumba unless you take the class again. ZIN members do not need to take Zumba instructor class in order to continue teaching. In addition, ZIN members can take the rest of Zumba classes (such as Zumba gold, Zumba kids, Basic Zumba 2, etc) at half price. If you are not ZIN member, you are allowed only three things:

-To teach Zumba for one year and then get re-certified
-To use word Zumba on your class schedule
-To call yourself Zumba instructor

However, as a ZIN member, you will be permitted the following (in addition to three points stated above):

-Teach Zumba classes indefinitely
-Use word Zumba the URL of your website
-Use Zumba logo
-Receive CD and choreography DVD every other month via mail
-Have access to choreography notes and song translation
-Access to ZIN TV
-Access to the rest of Zumba training workshops at half price
-Your name will be listed on class locator and find an instructor at site
-You will have access to marketing material you can customize and use such as business cards, posters, logos, pictures, and various pamphlets. All you need is to type your information in and print it!
-You will have access to online ZIN forum where you can ask questions and receive support from experienced Zumba instructors. Job postings can also be found there.
-Have access to electronic ZIN newsletter
-You will be permitted to host Zumbathon charitable events
-Receive discounts on Zumba clothes and other Zumba accessories
-Access to Aqua Zumba, Zumbatomic, and Zumba Toning workshops
-Create your own instructor profile on site
-Receive invitation to the Zumba Instructor Convention
-Dedicated customer service
-Earn extra money through ZUN Zumbawear wholesale program
-Access to Zumba instructor apparel

.....and much more!!! Therefore, how can one choose to become a Zumba instructor but not to join ZIN?!
The price of ZIN membership is $30 a month. Once you sign up, you must remain ZIN member for at least 6 moths. Your credit card will be charged monthly. You may cancel your membership any time after 6 months (but believe me, you will not want to).

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